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Frequently Asked Questions

Hidden Fees On Smart Prop Trader?
Open Positions Overnight or Over Weekends
Breaching Accounts and Second Chances
Duration To Become A Smart Prop Trader
How Many Accounts Can You Have On The Platform?
Copy Trading On Smart Prop Trader
How Daily Drawdowns Work On Smart Prop Trader Standard Challenge Accounts
Smart Prop Trader Refund Policy
Which Payment Methods Are Accepted?
Which Trading Methods Aren't Allowed?
What Kind of EAs Are Allowed?
How Do Evaluation Days Work on 2-Phase Challenge?
Why Pick Smart Prop Trader?
Are There Any Restrictions On Payouts?
How Are Prop Traders Taxed?
How Do I Withdraw My Profits?
How Does Account Management Look From The Technical Side?
How Much Capital Will Be Accessible?
What Is The Legal Relationship Between A Trader and Smart Prop Trader?
Which Instruments Can I Trade and What Strategies Am I Allowed to Employ?
Smart Prop Trader's 2-Step Evaluation Process Details
What Capital Will I Trade As A Smart Prop Trader?
What To Do After Successfully Passing the Smart Prop Trader 2-Phase Challenge
Retrying 2-Phase Challenge After Breaching Funded Account
Changing Platform During 2-Phase Challenge Evaluation Course
The SPT Scaling Plan
Smart Prop Trader 2-Phase Challenge Fee Explained
How Long To Receive An Account After Paying For The Smart Prop Trader Challenge
Explain "Trading According To A Real Market"
Who Can Join Smart Prop Trader?
How to Purchase an Account Using Crypto
Is Smart Prop Trader a regulated financial institution?
Maximum Lot Size on Smart Prop Trader?
Is Stop Loss Required on Trades?
Our Chargeback Policy
Does Smart Prop Trader Award Certificates to Challenge Winners?
IP Address Restrictions on Smart Prop Trader
Market Rollover on Smart Prop Trader
How Long To Process Your Order?
Where is Smart Prop Trader located?
Changing Account Password During 2-Phase Challenge
Crypto Wallet Ownership Protocol
Minimum Time For Holding or Closing Trades on Smart Prop Trader
Smart Prop Trader's Guidelines for Appropriate Interactions
How Will Smart Prop Trader Utilize My Trading Data?
How Daily Drawdowns Work On Smart Prop Trader Pro Challenge Accounts
What's the Difference Between Standard and Pro Challenges at SPT?