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Are There Any Restrictions On Payouts?
Are There Any Restrictions On Payouts?
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We offer a default payout ratio of 75/25. If a trader is successful and meets the conditions of our scaling plan, then the payout ratio is bumped up to 95/5. Traders get to choose their Profit Split Day, which can be changed up to three times. Additionally, all funded accounts must trade for a minimum of 7 days prior to requesting a payout.

It's important to note that any payouts are subjected to an internal review process to determine the legitimacy of the trader's behaviors on the platform and also to confirm that the trader's account name and email account all match the name associated with the completed KYC documentation. Failure to provide a matching account name and email account address (via Rise) that corresponds with completed KYC documentation will result in a trader's account being canceled, the payout request being denied, and a ban of the trader from future use of Smart Prop Trader's services.

Please note that this means that traders cannot utilize business or corporate Rise accounts for payouts as the KYC documentation will not match the account credentials connected to the payment platform. That is, traders must setup a personal Rise account for any payout requests, and they must ensure that their KYC documentation and account details on their Rise accounts also matches the account information tied to their Smart Prop Trader account.

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