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How to Purchase an Account Using Crypto
How to Purchase an Account Using Crypto
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Important Logistics:

Smart Prop Trader will not be liable for any refunds due to issues that arise from user errors during transmission of order payments via crypto checkout. Users are required to thoroughly review all of the steps below and reach out to our Customer Success team if there are any questions using this link.

Steps to Purchase an Account Using Crypto:

First, log into your account on our website, go to your Dashboard, and click on "Start Challenge". After you click on "Start Challenge", you will be taken to another page.
Here, you will see "Configure your SmartProp Trader Challenge".
Please scroll through the page and select your preferred options. Selecting your Account Size will need to be configured first. After this, you will need to specify the platform you'd like to utilize (e.g., Match-Trader platform). Once the platform is specified, you will need to fill in your Billing details. Then, proceed to review and accept the Terms & Conditions. Once this is completed, please click on Pay For Order on the next page. On this next page, you will need to select Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies, and then click NOWPayments. Lastly, please ensure you check the box "I have read and agree to the website terms and conditions", before selecting Pay for Order.

On the next page, enter your email address at the bottom of the page for receipt of email confirmation on your order, and select your preferred cryptocurrency you wish to utilize for transmission of funds. Once selected, you will need to locate your wallet on your device, select to Send from your device, and proceed to input the total amount listed for your order.

Below, we have listed screenshots highlighting the items required to progress through the payment process via NOWPayments.

Please take note of the Network Fee that will be deducted in order to transmit the funds. Due to the subtraction of fees, the total payment submitted should be your order total + any network transmission fees. For example, if your order total is $270.95 and the network transmission fee is $4, you will need to adjust your total payment to be $274.95, otherwise the order will fail to transmit to Smart Prop Trader.

Once you have accounted for your order total + the network transmission fee, you will just need to submit your order and we will take care of the rest of the steps on our end.

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