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Why Pick Smart Prop Trader?
Why Pick Smart Prop Trader?
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We know the turf and the trading industry very well. It took us some time and research to tailor and optimize the best prop conditions for our clients. Our major aim is that our traders have the best chances of passing the Evaluation Process. Simply said, if our traders are profitable in virtual funds, so are we. Thus, it makes logical sense to support our traders by providing them with the freedom to trade without any restrictions or limitations and to offer them the best virtual account conditions and virtual leverage that nobody else does. Smart Prop Trader's number one goal is simplicity for all of our traders!

We constantly develop new features, tools, applications and education content for our traders. The following are some of the highlights that make us proud of what we do: Statistical Application – The Statistical Application will show you meaningful and number-based probabilities of market behavior that you can use to your advantage. Trading Journal – Archiving trading results is not one of the favorite activities of most traders, but it is a piece of cake with our Trading Journal. When we decided to create this project, we knew we had to offer our traders an unbiased look at their trading results. Performance Coach – Often ignored, still an extremely crucial aspect of trading, is trader psychology.

Moreover, we offer industry-leading perks ranging from longer evaluation periods and lower prices coupled with a fast and simple UI that benefits the investors. In addition to this, we pride ourselves on having the best customer service in the industry and offer 24/7 support to our members.

Below are the three core factors that differentiate Smart Prop Trader from other prop firms:

  1. Fast - we pride ourselves on our speed, whether that’s customer support or getting traders funded

  2. Simple - Simple, effective platform with straightforward rules and promise

  3. Growth minded - always looking to improve based on feedback and grow our community, team, and traders

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