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IP Address Restrictions on Smart Prop Trader
IP Address Restrictions on Smart Prop Trader
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To ensure a secure trading environment for our traders, Smart Prop Trader actively monitors any suspicious IP address activity. The identification of multiple accounts from similar IP addresses, identical trades across different accounts with distinct owners, or hedging across multiple accounts, including those with other prop firms or brokers, will be considered a violation. Any violation discovered will lead to the closure of a particular trader's account(s) as well as permanent ban from Smart Prop Trader's services.

We recommend that traders use a single device with a unique IP address for their activities on our platform. We understand that you may trade from different locations, such as home or mobile when away, which could result in your account displaying multiple IP addresses.

If you travel or relocate, leading to the use of multiple IP addresses, it is acceptable. However, we may request a valid document for verification purposes.

It is crucial to emphasize our commitment to maintaining a secure trading environment for our community.

Furthermore, Smart Prop Trader has implemented advanced fraud detection technologies and regularly monitor against a global IP blacklist of fraudulent users. Your cooperation in adhering to these security measures is greatly appreciated.

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