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Retrying 2-Phase Challenge After Breaching Funded Account
Retrying 2-Phase Challenge After Breaching Funded Account
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Once a funded account is breached, we are unable to provide a free try of the challenge. That is, Smart Prop Trader doesn't allow users to re-try a challenge for free after a trader has breached a funded account. Having a funded account is a privilege users earn by consistently demonstrating sustainability and prudent risk management throughout your time trading on the Smart Prop Trader platform. Once traders earn the right to have a funded account, we expect traders to continue to demonstrate sustainable and cogent risk management and trading behaviors. Failure to maintain these behaviors can result in your account being breached.

If our internal admin team determines at any point that you violated our polices, your account will be breached, and you won't be able to re-start a challenge at no cost. However, we encourage users to learn from any mistakes made and try one of our challenges again if you are able to maintain prudent risk management for future trades.

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