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How Will Smart Prop Trader Utilize My Trading Data?
How Will Smart Prop Trader Utilize My Trading Data?
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The purpose of completing a Smart Prop Trader challenge is to show your ability to trade in our simulated environment. Customers who pass our trading challenges without breaking any of our rules will get the chance for their account to become a Smart Prop Trader account. Once a customer's account is awarded Smart Prop Trader status, traders must ensure they keep following the trading strategies and behaviors mentioned in this article. This is needed to have any pending or potential payout approved and to keep their Smart Prop Trader account status.

Smart Prop Trader reserves the right to utilize any and all trading data generated from traders at any and all stages. Additionally, Smart Prop Trader may use any data generated from customers accounts, which may be selected for application in the real financial market. This includes traders who demonstrate any level of trading skills and/or strategies at Smart Prop Trader's sole discretion. Please note that having your data considered for this process doesn't provide any added advantage nor disadvantage to the customers connected to the trading data selected for this process. That is, all traders will be treated equally whether or not Smart Prop Trader chooses to utilize any trading data for our own insight or edification.

In summary, Smart Prop Trader offers traders a simulated demo trading environment to hone their skills and master prudent risk management. Completing a firm's challenges showcases a trader's ability to succeed in simulated trading scenarios, potentially leading to the opportunity for receipt of Smart Prop Trader account status upon passing a firm's evaluation process. Once awarded a Smart Prop Trader account, traders must adhere to prescribed trading strategies and behaviors to qualify for payouts and maintain their Smart Prop Trader account status. Smart Prop Trader retains the right to use trader data, with a possibility but not guarantee of analyzing trading strategies for application in real financial markets. However, it's emphasized that all traders are treated equally, regardless of whether their data is selected for this purpose.

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