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The SPT Scaling Plan
The SPT Scaling Plan
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The SPT Scaling Plan is for traders that consistently show top-performance. All traders will start with 75/25 profit split ratio, but this can be scaled up to a 95/5 profit split ratio based on successfully demonstrating top-performance on the Smart Prop Trader platform.

For traders whom are eligible for the scaling plan, we will increase the profit split ratio by increments of 5% for each milestone. For example, a trader starting at 75/25 can be increased to an 80/20 profit split ratio for milestone 1, then to an 85/15 profit split ratio for milestone, and so on.

Please note that scaling plan is contingent upon earning a minimum of 2% each month for 3 months consistently. Additionally, any trader interested in being reviewed for scaling plan will need to reach out to our Customer Success team so that your account data can be audited to confirm if you're eligible to be graduated to the next milestone.

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