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What To Do After Successfully Passing the Smart Prop Trader 2-Phase Challenge
What To Do After Successfully Passing the Smart Prop Trader 2-Phase Challenge
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After you have passed all the Trading Objectives in the Smart Prop Trader Challenge, you will see a notification in your Dashboard informing you about your success. Please note that you won't need to trade the account anymore once your Trading Objectives are marked as passed.

We will be automatically be alerted that you have passed your Smart Prop Trader Challenge and we will proceed to send you the SPT Trader Agreement as well as provide instructions for our KYC process. Once your identity is verified, we will then send you the new virtual account login credentials for your funded account. Please note that with regard to processing any payouts, a trader must provide a matching account name and email account address (via Wise or Rise) that corresponds with completed KYC documentation. Failure to provide matching documentation will result in a trader's account being canceled, the payout request being denied, and a ban of the trader from future use of Smart Prop Trader's services.

Please also note that if a trader fails our KYC process through our third-party verification platform, Sumsub, in addition to banning the customer from the Smart Prop Trader platform and preventing them from graduating to a funded account, customers will also not be eligible for a refund of their challenge purchase as per the terms and conditions detailed within our No-Refund Policy.

Additionally, please note that the above policy means that traders cannot utilize business or corporate Wise or Rise accounts for payouts as the KYC documentation will not match the account credentials connected to the payment platform. That is, traders must setup a personal Wise or Rise account for any payout requests, and they must ensure that their KYC documentation matches the account information tied to their account details on either Wise or Rise platforms.

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